Welcome & Thank you for visiting RLF 

Very nice to meet you today, the Sculpture was very well received by Coventry Library. You should be very proud today.

I would like to arrange to discuss ideas of how we can make this new project, 100 poppies spelling Thank You work, as you are a brilliant designer, we would appreciate all your help.

After the Poppy Launch – Coventry Library will be only too happy to display the Thank You with the Kneeling Man.

Once again from a very grateful Royal British Legion


Malcolm Faulkner

Royal British Legion

Warwickshire and Birmingham County

Recent Projects

Willoughby Cricket Club Home Changing Room

What better way to motivate the Willoughby CC home team by being welcomed into their changing room and seeing their club logo and a motivational quote...

"It doesn't take strength to win. It takes the true heart of the team to win."

Please see the Gallery for more pictures.

Willoughby CC Bespoke Cricket Bat

Bespoke handmade cricket bat, painted with a panoramic view of Willoughby Cricket Club 1st XI in action at The Green. Presented to the club today as a gift. 

Please see the Gallery for more pictures.

Portraits of Oscar

Beautiful black Cocker Spaniel, Oscar.  His unique expression framing those big brown eyes is just beautiful. 

Painted with acrylics on a pre framed box canvas requiring no further framing.

See my Animal ~Portraits gallery for further information.

Portrait of Bella

Such a beautiful brindle beauty is Bella. Painted with acrylics on a pre framed box canvas requiring no further framing.

See my Animal ~Portraits gallery for further information.

Furniture Refurbishments

These coffee tables have been given a new lease of life, freshened up to create a modern centre piece for any room. 

See my Gallery for more information.

Vintage Book Wedding Table Centre Pieces 

April 3rd 2018

Beautiful vintage centre piece, using old traditional books encased in a rose garland. complimented with a single rose posed in a delicate glass tube that travels through the top book resting on the mirrored base. A finishing touch of the glass jar fragrance candle sunken into the top book, lit throughout the wedding breakfast to give the perfect ambience. 

November 11th, 2017 Poppy Serviceman Sculpture

Remembrance Day Kneeling Serviceman Sculpture, made out of poppies, 11th November 2017.

Designed and created for the beautiful, poignant Armistice Day service at Caludon Castle School, Coventry to remember those that put their lives on the line for our future.

The sculpture was donated by myself to the Royal British Legion as a little token of respect and honour. The sculpture is now on display at Coventry Central Library until April. It will then tour the main libraries before returning to Coventry Central for the 100th Anniversary service 2018.Over 700 poppies have been handmade to create this solder out of recycled aluminium cans and buttons, individually connected to the chicken wire frame that creates the structure within.

See Gallery for progression photographs of the making of this sculpture.

Pet Portraits

"I gave Rebecca a photograph of my sons girlfriend's horse Shalora, and was amazed, from the very 1st pencil outline, I watched it take shape into an amazing likeness of the horse. Rebecca is a very talented lady with incredible attention to detail. It was wonderful, and since the horse has passed away, it is even more special to Natalie. Thanks again Rebecca"

Gillian Fell

Horse, Shalora

See Gallery for more animal portraits.

TV Ballot Boxes for Exhibition feedback

These are a set of three ballot boxes, designed to mimic cardboard box TV's you may have made in your childhood. 

Created with easily removable dividers and lid for a slick functional design.