Animal Portraits

Over the years, painting animal portraits for family members and close friends, word spread and I started to paint on a commission basis. The best thing for me about creating a painting is when I hand it over and see the pure joy and excitement on peoples faces.

My paintings are about capturing your individual pet's personality and emotions in the portrait, whether through the sparkle in the eyes, the expression on the face or even the tilt of a head which is unique to the character of your pet.

All my portraits are hand painted using acrylic paints on pre-framed box canvases.

I love to work with acrylic paints because this medium is great for producing subtle colours with a natural sheen and distinct contrasts. This is a fast drying medium which means your portrait will take around 10-15 hours of painting time to complete depending on the amount of layers needed.

"My painting of Bella that Becci painted is amazing, looks exactly like Bella, even her expression is perfect. Have recommended Becci to my friends."

Darrell Cope

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I paint on pre-framed box canvases. These canvases are individually hand made from high quality medium grain stretched canvas. An 11 ounce 100% cotton duck canvas is used on which three coats of a highly pigmented acrylic primer are carefully applied. The canvas has a great tooth which allows oil paint to adhere well, without sinking or shrinkage. This style of canvas requires no framing and can be hung straight on a wall with a single nail or if you prefer they can be free standing.

To create your painting all I would need are a about 2/3 good quality photos of your beloved pet. These photos need to be in focus and close enough for me to depict detail and the unique colour of your pet. Photos taken from a distance, blurred or colour distorted are not acceptable to produce the best quality portraits.

"I gave Becci a photograph of my sons girlfriend's horse Shalora, and was amazed, from the very 1st pencil outline, I watched it take shape into an amazing likeness of the horse. Becci is a very talented lady with incredible attention to detail. It was wonderful, and since the horse has passed away, it is even more special to Natalie. Thanks again Becci"

Gillian Fell